Saturday, June 5, 2010

VOICE 2010: Blog 6 (a quick testimonial)

Hello again,

I can't stress enough what a fantastic education and inspiration VOICE 2010 has been. Entertaining, too! I liken it to an accelerated college course for voice-actors. I told this to VOICE co-founder James Alburger, who said
this was the intent. He also shared a comment from Connie Terwilliger, who calls VOICE "a fire-hose of information!"

If you have a chance to attend the next VOICE conference, do so! You'll have fun and learn so much! And thank you to all the presenters, teachers, and helpers, who all generously donated their time to give us the tools we need to succeed at voice-acting!

I'll continue to blog about the experience even after I jet back home to Seattle, so I hope you'll check back often. Or subscribe! I promise it will be good.



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