Friday, September 16, 2011

New gig: video tutorial

This week I auditioned and landed a gig for Reel World Mornings, a new service for radio morning shows. The video is already posted! Talk about quick turnaround. Sometimes that's how it happens.

There are three versions of the tutorial, depending on station format. It's the identical copy, so you may enjoying hearing each actor's take on the same material. I'm the little guy in the cowboy hat.
To hear the tutorials, click this link. Go to "overview" and then "introduction."

Incidentally, they asked for a subtle twang (not too thick or exaggerated). Then they asked for even less twang! I was starting at, I felt, a +1 on the twang scale, so how would I pull back from that? Well, I tend to drop my g's when doing this dialect, so I added them back in. Bingo! Hit the sweet spot and got the job. Hang on to that trick, it may help you in the future.