Friday, June 4, 2010

VOICE 2010: Blog 2 (That elevator voice & the sound of words)

Do you find yourself repeating what the Hyatt elevator is telling you? Me too! Especially ‘lobby.’  I even caught the hotel staff doing it.  I think it’s because the female voice-actor says ‘lobby’ the way you or I might say ‘delicious’ or ‘sexy!’

Those words have definite meaning and corresponding sounds.

One of the many great tips Marc Cashman shared in his session was
how to “romance copy or text to its fullest.”

Here are a list of words that you can practice with. Don’t just say them. Say them with meaning. With weight. Or levity. Feel them.

  • ·      Easy
  • ·      Delicious
  • ·      Irritated
  • ·      Weird
  • ·      Confused
  • ·      Jealous
  • ·      Sexy
  • ·      Lovely
  • ·      Fast
  • ·      Lift
  • ·      Jump
  • ·      Thrust (put your body into it)
  • ·      Tense
  • ·      Punch
  • ·      Slow down
  • ·      Sigh

When you see key words or phrases like this pop up in scripts, remember to give them the attention they deserve. Also remember that you don’t want to overdo it. Your inflections can be spot-on and subtle at the same time. Nuanced. Match your acting to the intention/style/genre of the copy.

As for the enthusiasm the elevator voice conveys for a mundane word like lobby? Maybe it’s the idea that she’s out of the hotel room. Free to enjoy a grande-caramel-machiatto from the hotel Starbucks! Ready for another day of education and inspiration at VOICE 2010! 

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